4 reasons breakfast is better in Australia

Australians are known for loving long breakfasts with friends. But can you blame us?

Breakfast in Australia is practically a cultural icon. We have perfected the art of this morning meal, ensuring each day starts with a delicious and filling feast that’s worth getting out of bed for.

Here are just four reasons why an Aussie breakfast is simply better.

1. Some of the best coffee in the world

Australian coffee is a thing of beauty, and the Australian coffee industry is something of a point of national pride.

Not only do we demand the best from our beans, we also train our baristas to create rich, perfectly extracted espresso and to steam silky hot milk without burning it or over-frothing. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for all countries.

The result is an exceptional cuppa every time, whether you’re a long black drinker or a cappuccino lover. The Australian cafe culture puts great coffee first, which is why it’s not hard to find an excellent hot drink anywhere in the country.

2. Fresh, delicious fruit

The standard Australian breakfast will usually be accompanied by, if not feature heavily, fresh seasonal fruit.

Thanks to our own fertile backyard, Australia produces fantastic fruits throughout the year, from mangoes and bananas to pineapple and blueberries. They are a staple in healthy breakfast recipes such as acai bowls and smoothies, and add a fresh touch to heavier meals such as pancakes.

3. The huge variety in Australian breakfasts

Butcher & The Farmer Breakfast EggsAustralians are a diverse people, and whether you’re after a big breakfast with bacon, sausages, and hash browns after a big night out, or a light and fresh brekkie such as avocado on toast, there will always be something on the menu.

You can almost guarantee that every Australian breakfast hotspot will include a variety of eggs, avo on toast, a granola or muesli dish, and all sorts of optional extras where you can build your breakfast exactly how you like it.

Not to mention, each ingredient is high quality. You won’t find bland breads or flavourless bacon. It’s simply not accepted in Australian food culture, and restaurants and cafes that try to get away with poor ingredients never last long.

4. Lighter options 

Not everyone loves a gigantic greasy breakfast (no shame to those who do!), but it’s not always common to see a variety of simple, light options for brekkie. Sometimes, the only ‘lighter’ option is a couple of pieces of uninspired toast.

In Australia, there are often more light options than heavy. From delicious smoothies and breakfast bowls to granola and possibly the most popular Australian food – smashed avocado on toast, there is a variety of less-heavy meals that won’t weigh you down for the rest of the day.

These options are perfect for a quick brekkie on-the-go before work, and will help wake you up for the day rather than put you into a food coma before work.

Not sure where to start in your hunt for traditional Australian food in the morning? Butcher and the Farmer is open for breakfast (and brunch) every day of the week at Green Square, and over weekends and public holidays at Meadowbank and the Tramsheds. The lighter options are perfect for mid-week mornings, and the more indulgent brekkies are ideal for lazy Sundays.

Make your Butcher and the Farmer booking to see for yourself why you’ll find everything that’s great about an Aussie breakfast at our tables


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