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3 reasons why Butcher and the Farmer serves the best lunch in Sydney

Tired of dishes of overpriced, miniscule meals that leave you hungry and wondering what it was you just ate? Ready for some of the juiciest cuts of meat, freshest and most flavourful produce, and tastiest blend of flavours and textures to ever exist on a plate?

It’s time to treat yourself to the best lunch in Sydney at Butcher and the Farmer.

Whether you visit our original Tramsheds location or check out our new restaurants in Meadowbank, here are 3 reasons why we’re one of the top Sydney lunch spots anywhere in the city.

1. Always in season

One of Butcher and the Farmer’s key points of difference from other restaurants is that our meals revolve around what’s in season – rather than what’s easiest to purchase frozen at all times of year.

Therefore any meals with produce in them change throughout the year, from our salads and shared starters to our garden dishes and even fruity desserts.

For you, that means fresh, tasty dishes all year round, new options almost every time you come to see us, and the knowledge that eating fresh, locally grown foods is the right choice for the environment.

2. Classic favourites with new twists

At Butcher and the Farmer, you won’t need a dictionary to look up the ingredients and dishes on our menus. In many cases, we serve classic dishes that you already know and love, with real ingredients that you’ll recognise.

That said, we’re anything but plain or predictable, which is why even though our dishes are classics, the twists are not.

For example, our Wood Smoked Brisket is a delicious and familiar dish – but our twist is to serve it with jalapeno cream and pickled cucumber. Our fried brussels sprouts are not just brussels sprouts – they come with cauliflower puree and pomegranate for something a little different. Both of these dishes are currently available for lunch at our Tramsheds location.

This way you get the best of both worlds, with classic flavours and dishes mixed with our chef’s exceptional skills and creativity.

3. Something tasty to wash it down

Whether you’re in for a quick bite between business meetings or a full three-course lunch in Sydney for a special celebration, every meal needs something delicious to wash it down with.

Sticking with our theme of crafting classic favourites with unexpected (but incredible) twists, our cocktail menu is brimming with fun takes on your go-to drinks. Just try our Fancy Gin & Tonic which comes with a twist of lemon sherbert.

Our wines menu is nothing to be sniffed at either, as it includes dozens of options across red, rosé, white, sparkling, and even dessert varieties from around Australia and the world. We also offer cold beers and ciders on tap or by the bottle.

And if it is just a quick work break or you’re not into alcoholic tipples, enjoy a refreshing housemade soda, a smoothie, or freshly squeezed juice.

Ready to find out if we really do serve the best lunch in Sydney? Make a booking and see us soon to find out!

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Butcher & The Farmer

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