Our guide to a day in Green Square

Green Square is Sydney’s newest town centre, at the heart of Alexandria, Roseberry, Zetland, Waterloo, and Beaconsfield. 

It is serviced by the Green Square Station, and is also connected to the city by bus and cycleway. 

So whether you’re a local in the area wanting to check out what’s new and fun, or are just visiting for a short time, here’s our guide for how to spend a day in Green Square.

Breakfast at Bread & Circus

Bread & Circus is an Alexandria staple, and a place where many locals start their day.

This cafe is known for their organic and vegetarian approach to dining, and even for those who would usually feast on bacon at brekkie, Bread & Circus shows just how delicious vegetarian food can be.

The caramelised lemony banana pancakes are sweet and filling, the parmesan not-so-scrambled eggs are impressively tasty, and the ‘breakfast w/ Gwyneth’ offers a health quick with quinoa, kale, and spinach, as well as two fried eggs for good measure.

A morning shopping in Lunatiques

Lunatiques is a massive and eclectic shopping experience, where you’ll find a warehouse of treasures – antiques, industrial pieces, decorative items, and much, much more.

From artworks to lighting to jewellery, Lunatiques has a little of everything, and not a piece of it is modern or even vaguely new.

Their clothing section is particularly popular, but this is also the place to go if you’re looking for something different, or for a particular style.

Lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds is something of an institution in the local area, and you’ll find it on any list of things to do in Alexandria in Sydney.

Not only does it claim to serve the best coffee in Sydney (with award-winning baristas to back the claim up), it serves produce-driven breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a space that’s as much an experience as it is an eatery.

What was once a factory warehouse is now a cafe, as well as an outdoor garden that grows produce that supplies the cafe (you’ll even find the chickens out there), as well as an on-site bakery, and a kids’ playground. Of course, coffee beans are roasted on site, too.

An afternoon at the Green Square Library

The brand new Green Square Library isn’t your usual library.

The architecture alone is enough to merit a visit, as this gigantic glass pyramid begins above ground before descending below the earth to take you into the main building. Here, you’ll find a sunken garden, and plenty of natural light thanks to the skylights above.

You can also hire more than books. Pick up a guitar for a jam session, or head to the fourth floor to play the baby grand piano (or watch others) with incredible views over the city. There’s also a kids’ area, a reading room, and a slew of workshops available in the computer lab.

Or you could simply borrow a book.

Dinner and drinks at Butcher and the Farmer

Finish the day in style at one of the best restaurants in Green Square – Butcher and the Farmer.

Our carefully curated menu is brimming with fresh produce, and regularly updated to offer you meals that take advantage of whatever’s in season. Our wine list, cocktails and refreshing beers and ciders add the cherry on top to a perfect meal at the end of a perfect day in Sydney’s Green Square.

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Butcher & The Farmer

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Butcher & The Farmer
Green Square

Pick your preferred delivery service and we’ll send you right to our order page on their site!

Butcher & The Farmer

Pick your preferred delivery service and we’ll send you right to our order page on their site!