Weekday lunches are better at Butcher and the Farmer. Here’s why

Whether you were rushing out the door this morning and didn’t have time to pack a lunch, or you knew it would be a tough day and would need to treat yourself to a lunch out, finding just the right midday meal can be a challenge.

Fortunately, you won’t need to spend the entire morning trying to figure out the best places to eat lunch in Sydney. Butcher and the Farmer makes that decision so easy, by 9.05am you’ll be perusing the menu deciding what you’ll have when you get here.

So what is it that makes us one of the best places for lunch in Sydney?

Aside from having locations in three spots around Sydney, employing staff who are helpful and friendly, and creating restaurants with upbeat and comfortable interiors, we have carefully created menus that will make Butcher and the Farmer your new weekday go-to as the best lunch in Sydney.

Healthy options

Do you ever head out for lunch then spend all afternoon regretting the greasy, oversized meal you ate at midday?

Big meals can leave you feeling slow and uninterested in dinner, but a healthy or lighter meal at lunch will leave you feeling energised and ready to tackle the afternoon.

A large section on the Butcher and the Farmer menu is dedicated to salads, vegetable plates, and fish dishes. These options offer a meal that’s filling wit

hout being heavy.

Consider the Fish Tacos, which are light, fresh, and satisfyingly filling. Or 

perhaps the crispy skin salmon, which is packed with nutrients and won’t weigh you down at your 3pm meeting. Even better, this is part of the lunch specials menu at Tramsheds, which means your drink is on us!

The Shepherd’s Salad is a great option for those looking for a light and quick meal, and it includes goodies such as tomato, feta, olives, and cucumber, to ensure you don’t leave feeling hungry.

Filling options

There’s nothing that builds up an appetite like a draining morning at work, and there are definitely days when you know that a salad just isn’t going to satisfy you.

In that case, Butcher and the Farmer serves a variety of filling meals that will do much more than just touch the sides, and will help you power through the afternoon on a full stomach.

The lamb shoulder ragu and fettuccine dish is everything you could want in a meal. Hearty, warm, filling, and exceptionally flavourful, this is leagues above anything you could warm up in an office microwave.

For the meat lovers out there, anything from the Butcher’s burger to the rib eye to the steak frites or baby back pork ribs will tick all the boxes and then some. These dishes are ideal for longer lunches or days when you know you’ll be staying a little late and will need a full meal to get you through the day. These dishes are all also part of our Sydney lunch specials at our Tramsheds location, so you’ll be washing them down with a complimentary beverage!

Butcher and the Farmer near you

There are three awesome Butcher and the Farmer restaurants where you can find the best lunch in Sydney. Here’s when you can stop by for a weekday lunch at each one.

Meadowbank: Open for lunch everyday of the week!
Green Square: Open for lunch Monday to Friday. 
Tramsheds: Open for lunch every day of the week! Grab a lunch special and enjoy a complimentary drink on us.

Take yourself away from the daily grind at work and find out for yourself why Butcher and the Farmer is one of the best lunch spots in Sydney!

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Butcher & The Farmer

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