Why Butcher and the Farmer is the best al fresco dining in Sydney

Alongside pizza and gelato, al fresco dining is one of the best things to ever come from Italy. It is simply the act of outdoor dining, and it is particularly suited to areas where the climate is warm and inviting, and where the scenery makes for the perfect backdrop to any meal.

Naturally, al fresco dining in Sydney is the kind of activity you can enjoy almost any day of the year.

At Butcher and the Farmer, we believe we have perfected the art of outdoor dining in Sydney. After all, there’s no better way to improve an al fresco experience than with impeccable food, drinks, and service.

Here’s a little more about why our outdoor restaurants in Sydney are the perfect place to treat yourself to an al fresco meal tonight.

Three fantastic al fresco dining locations

The Glebe Tramsheds are home to the first Butcher and the Farmer location, and a special spot for an outdoor meal.

Right out front of the main entrance you’ll spot a patio area with a number of casual, welcoming tables just waiting for you to take a seat and enjoy the lively people-watching atmosphere at this Sydney hotspot. There’s never a dull moment at the Tramsheds, so it’s a great place for a weekend brunch or a weeknight dinner outdoors.

You’ll also find us at Meadowbank on the banks of the Parramatta River. Here, our restaurants sprawls out onto the front lawn, where diners can enjoy a meal as they watch boat cruise by. This location also has the added benefit of being pet friendly, so you can bring along your pooch – or simply sneak in a few pats with friendly dogs at tables next to you.

Then there’s our newest location at Green Square. What better place to sit and take in this booming new precinct than outdoors with a refreshing drink in hand?

Some of the best outdoor restaurants in Sydney

At Butcher and the Farmer, we put the quality of the ingredients and the meals first.

Whether you stop by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’ll find a sumptuous meal in front of you in no time, made with fresh, local ingredients wherever possible, and cooked to perfection.

Our share platters are particularly suited to outdoor dining in Sydney, as you can pick away at the meal as you watch the world go by.

An extensive beverages menu

To complete the picture of a relaxing evening out in the gentle breeze, we’ll place an extensive beverages menu in your hands and give you the difficult task of taking your pick.

Our cocktail list is ideal for a few drinks outside, with a number of tasty, refreshing options that will be the figurative and literal cherry on top to your al fresco experience.

If a cocktail doesn’t tickle your fancy, we have collected some of the tastiest beers and wines from around Australia and the world. Opt for a chilled cider, beer, white wine, or rose, or relax with a smooth glass of red.

So make a booking at Butcher and the Farmer tonight, or swing by and nab a table to make the most of one of the best restaurants with outdoor drinking and dining in Sydney.

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