Meadowbank Food Menu

All Day Menu

At Butcher and the Farmer Meadowbank, you’re invited to treat your senses to a variety of delectable, wholesome dishes.

Selections from our aperitivo menu have been carefully designed to be shared – you’ll find that plates are smaller, but each one explodes with flavours, colours, and textures. This lets you order multiple dishes amongst your group, and allows everyone to try multiple meals, rather than just the usual one. If you’re after a more hearty and filling meal, look no further than our selection of mouth-watering meat dishes from the Rotisserie and the Butcher.

A range of seasonal variety in Meadowbank

Here you’ll find that our menu is packed full of delicious options to choose from, no matter what you’re craving. Our curated dishes are centred on fresh produce, sourced directly from local farmers and providores whenever possible.

Enjoy aperitivo options that consist of smaller plates to share, or opt for the taste of Italy with our pizzeria and pasta options. Meat and seafood lovers will not be short for choice as our menu offers fresh seafood like crispy-skin salmon and flathead-filled tacos. And if you’re looking for meat from the land, try our beef, lamb, chicken, and pork dishes. All are sourced with care, cooked with panache, and served with style.

Beverages: Always in season

Butcher and the Farmer believes in great quality and real ingredients, which is why we source our beverages in the same way we source our food – by finding brands that live by the same ethos as we do.

Our wine menu includes whites, reds, roses, sparkling, and even dessert wines, many of which come from vino hotspots around Australia, with a selection of international varieties as well.

On tap, you’ll find refreshing beers and ciders, with a handful of thirst-quenching bottle options. We also offer a full bar of spirits, as well as hot drinks, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Meadowbank breakfast at Butcher and the Farmer

Join us any time after 8am on weekends and public holidays to start your day in style with a filling, delicious breakfast overlooking the Parramatta River at Meadowbank.

We offer all your favourite classic breakfast options, always with fresh and high quality ingredients, and always delicious.

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