Meadowbank Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Menu

Weekends are about to get more delicious with the arrival of Butcher and the Farmer in Meadowbank. Open for breakfast only on weekends, our menu will make getting out of bed well worth the effort. It offers all your favourite standard brekkie dishes, as well as a few creative plates that add a little variation to the usual eggs-on-toast options.

Butcher & The Farmer Beverages

Breakfast beverage: Hot or cold?

No matter what your breakfast choice, it’s best washed down with a breakfast beverage to match.

Of course, teas and coffees are in hot demand, and our trained baristas will be happy to serve your favourite cuppa of choice. We also offer chai lattes and hot chocolates, as well as decaf options.

Alternatively, pick from a variety of cold drinks. The orange juice is freshly squeezed, the sodas are house-made, and the smoothies are packed with fruit and deliciousness. There are also shakes for the kids and sparkling and still water options.

And of course, no one is stopping you from ordering a mimosa or cocktail with your breakfast – it is the weekend after all!

Breakfast: Classic or contemporary?

The toughest decision you’ll have to make this weekend is whether you’ll take a classic breakfast dish, or try something new.

For example, will it be perfectly poached eggs on sourdough, or perhaps a tasty smashed peas and avocado hummus on toast?

Or will you get a little adventurous with our burrata, which is served on house-made flatbread with cherry tomatoes?

Another spectacular dish is the ricotta hotcake, which comes with zingy lemon curd, seasonal fruit, and pepitas.

It’s a tough choice, and you might just find yourself stealing bites from your breakfast mate’s dish just to get a taste of more than one dish. Or, simply deciding to make a return visit next weekend!

Butcher & The Farmer

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Butcher & The Farmer
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Butcher & The Farmer

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