Available on the weekend and public holidays from 8am. Classic dishes that have been re-invented with interesting flavour combinations.

Toasted Sourdough butter, jam or vegemite 9
Fig and Honey Granola sour cherries, kiwi, yoghurt, coconut, macadamia, maple 15
Bacon and Fried Egg Roll focaccia panini, hashbrown, hollandaise, romesco 15
Baby Ricotta Hotcakes Lemon Curd, berries, passionfruit, pepitas, vanilla mascarpone, maple 16
Scrambled Eggs brioche, truffle pecorino 16
Baked Eggs peperonata, jalapenos, feta, parsley with grilled sourdough 17
Poached Eggs sourdough, pesto, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes 18
Pork and Fennel Sausages sourdough, apple, herb salad, scrambled eggs sourdough 19
Mushroom Bowl poached eggs, spinach, barley, sunflower seeds, labneh 19
Avocado Hummus dark sourdough, feta, pomegranate, basil 19
Eggs Your Way grilled sourdough  12
Kids scrambled eggs on sourdough with bacon or a sausage  12


Poached Egg / Fried Egg 3
Scrambled Eggs / Hummus/ Pesto / Confit Tomatoes / Hashbrown 4
Bacon / Avocado Hummus / Halloumi / Confit Field Mushrooms / Asparagus / Labneh / Pork And Fennel Sausage/ Chorizo 5
Cold Smoked Salmon 6
Gluten Free Bread 2