Lunch Menu

An overall dining experience built on the concept of sharing. Our lunch menu available Monday – Friday with dishes from the Land and Sea and The Butcher Shop all including a complimentary beverage. All our dishes are wholesome, moreish and layered with well thought out flavours.

Dark Sourdough butter, sea salt 3pp
Warm Green Olives marinated in mild chilli 7
Pea and Parmesan Croquette hazelnut, truffled mayonnaise 9
Smashed Avocado Hummus with corn tortillas 13
Flathead Tacos red cabbage, burnt corn, kefir lime mayonnaise, coriander (2) 15
Calamari black garlic aioli, lemon 16
Burrata grilled sourdough, basil pesto, confit tomato 19
COLD SMOKED SALMON avocado cream, black olives, jalapeno, baby coriander, lime 19
OYSTERS with pepperberry mignonette (3) 13
Charred Corn harissa, Parmesan, burnt lime 13
Blackened Broccolini sweet tahini, barley, almonds 13
Pumpkin Wedgequinoa and spinach salad with feta, currants, pepitas 13
Roasted Carrots tzatziki, radicchio, pistachio, honey 13
Fried Brussel Sprouts cauliflower puree, pomegranate 13
Crispy Polenta romesco, truffled pecorino 13
Rolled Pork Belly apple and fennel salad, dijon 25
Char-grilled Chicken Breast asparagus, thyme butter, tarragon mayo, fried onions 25
Duck Breast pumpkin hummus, pickled cauliflower with orange and star anise syrup, baby leeks, seeds 25
Crispy Skin Salmon white bean and coriander puree, balsamic beets, fried bread, dill 25
Wood Smoked Brisket pickled cucumber, jalapeno cream 25
Sausage and Hummus Plate feta, pomegranate, pepitas, watercress, corn tortillas 25
Lamb Shoulder Salad zucchini, peas, feta, mint, green goddess dressing 25
Barramundi en papillote, fennel, olives, capers, white vermouth, herbs Market Price
House-made Sausages onions, red peppers, pickled jalapeno cassoulet with grilled sourdough 18
Pulled Lamb Burger red cabbage and dill pickle slaw 19
American Wagyu Burger double red cheddar, pickles, iceberg, Kewpi mayonnaise, mustard ketchup 19
add bacon +4
Steaks – Choose from one the below Basics to compliment your Steak
Grass-fed Rump Eye 200g 25
Grain-fed Eye Fillet 200g 39
Grain-fed Sirloin 300g 37
Grass-fed Rib-Eye 300g 39
Grain-fed Wagyu Striplion MS6-7 300g 65
Butcher’s Select Cut – Ask your waiter for today’s premium sharing steak
Mushroom Sauce 3
Peppercorn Sauce 3
Chimichurri 3
Buttered Mash parsley, scallions 8
Garden Salad mesclun leaves, cucumber, pear, herb dressing 8
Fries truffled mayonnaise 8
Wagyu Beef Burger fries 14
Sausage and Mash 13
Fish and Chips 13
Chicken Tenderloins fries 12
Kids Meal add a house-made soda and scoop of vanilla ice-cream   5
Earl Grey and Chocolate vanilla bean mascarpone 13
Apple Rumble cinnamon poached apple, ginger and oat crumble with rum & raisin ice-cream and caramel 13
Ricotta Hotcake lemon curd, berries, passionfruit, pepitas, coconut gelato, maple 16
Donut Ice-Cream Sandwich 18
Artisan Cheese by the slice with crisp fruit bread, current paste and pickled pear 9