Celebrate the art of aperitivo at Butcher and the Farmer

An Aperitivo – also known as an Aperitif – is a genius concept brought to us by some of the most qualified food and wine experts in the world, the Italians.

It is simply a drink you have before a meal in order to whet the appetite and help you look forward to your dinner. Yet it is also more than that. The Italian Aperitif will also set the scene for the evening, and act as the perfect opener for a night of exceptional food, drinks, and company.

We often simply call them pre-dinner drinks, but no matter what you call them, Butcher and the Farmer is ready with an impressive drinks menu when you need an Aperitivo in London.

Here are some of our best.

Aperol Spritz

The cocktail of the summer is almost certainly set to be the Aperol Spritz.

This refreshing, zesty drink is ideal for cooling off on a warm evening, and it’s the perfect palate cleanser before a meal. It includes Aperol, prosecco, and soda, making for a simple and light drink made for kicking off the evening.


Who says mimosas are only for brunch?

This heavenly concoction of orange juice and prosecco is easy to drink, light, and infinitely refreshing. It’s easy to drink on its own, so it makes for an excellent pre-meal drink.

Moscow Mule

The Moscow Mule has everything you could ever need from an Aperitivo.

There’s Skyy vodka for a little relaxation, capi ‘flamin’ ginger beer for a bubbly, zingy fizz, and fresh lime for a citrus twist that keeps the drink refreshing and incredibly delicious.

It’s ideal for an afternoon in the sun, or a drink or two before dinner. Or for after dinner drinks – there’s hardly a bad time for a Moscow Mule.

A classic Corona

Not a fan of cocktails? Not a problem.

Butcher and the Farmer has a fully stocked bar with beers on tap, bottles, and plenty of ciders. Although it’s hard to go past a Corona for a pre-dinner drink

A Corona pairs as well with sunshine as bangers with mash, and is particularly good with a fresh citrus slice in the neck for a little extra flavour in every mouthful.

What to do at the O2

Of course, you don’t have to stick around at Butcher and the Farmer for dinner after an Apertivo.

The O2 offers an immense array of activities and shows, from concerts featuring the biggest names in music, to Disney productions, exhibitions, stage performances, and much more.

Here you can also visit the largest cinema in London to check out the latest movies, stop by at the trampoline park, go shopping or bowling, or head up to the roof for a view of the city. If you’re looking to head out for a big night and aren’t sure what to eat before drinking, our snacks and dinner menu also has you covered.

Butcher and the Farmer doesn’t have to be the best Italian restaurant in London to offer a great Aperitivo. A drink with us is the ideal way to start any evening out at the O2 or nearby, or even to finish off a fantastic night out.

Make a booking at The O2 Arena or stop by when you’re ready for refreshment.

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