The O2 Arena Butcher & The Farmer


“It’s not just a place to eat; it’s a place to live.” That’s the vision we’re bringing to our marketplace and casual dining restaurant concept, at our new London locations. 

So, what makes Butcher and the Farmer different? Our core philosophy is to provide a comfortable, relaxing and convenient place where guests have access to a diverse mix of locally-sourced dishes prepared with traditions and techniques from around the world. 

Like an artisan food market or an eclectic bazaar, you’ll find a wide range of dishes on offer the Rotisserie, the Pizzeria, the Butcher and the Bar. Choose seasonal menu offerings such as the signature Farmer’s Platter, featuring a selection of cured meats, burrata, olives and pickles. Or the pumpkin hummus with salted cucumber, spring onion, sumac and smashed peas, or avocado with Egyptian dukkah and blue corn tortilla chips. 

Mains are designed to suit a wide range of tastes and include everything from pizzas and pastas to rotisserie-style chicken, meat – think burgers, steak and ribs – fish and salad. 

On the bar menu, you’ll find a curated selection of house cocktails, craft beers, local wines and spirits. Enjoy classics like a mimosa or gin and tonic.

In keeping with our ethos, everything on offer at Butcher and the Farmer is crafted from the highest quality ingredients, with dishes updated regularly to reflect the availability of fresh, locally grown produce. Honest, good food drives our unique concept, which is why we source our produce exclusively from farmers and providores who share our commitment to quality. 

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Butcher & The Farmer
o2 Arena

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