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Forget Wine, Here are FIVE Cocktails to pair with your steak

Everyone talks about which wines pair best with steaks. It’s often rich, full-bodied reds, and there’s no doubt that a gorgeous merlot will be an excellent accompaniment to your rib-eye. But let’s not forget the magic of a great cocktail. Here are five cocktails to pair with your steak at Butcher and the Farmer.

The Dark Ages 

Rich and bold, the Dark Ages is a meaty drink, making it an excellent partner to your meaty dinner. 

This cocktail features barrel-aged Hennessy VS Cognac with Tia Maria, fresh espresso, and simple syrup. It’s a classic, and one that will only get better with every sip. 

House Negroni 

The Negroni is a classic favourite that’s as aromatic as it is powerful. It’s popular on its own, but it’s also a natural pairing with a bold steak. 

The House Negroni at Butcher and the Farmer includes Bulldog Gin, Campari and Cinzano Rosso. It is barrel-aged in house for that extra special oaky flavour that takes this popular cocktail to the next level. 

A Negroni’s bold and biting flavour profile brings out the rich flavours in steak and vice versa. It amplifies your dining experience and makes you question every time you ordered a red with your steak. 

Hunters Mojito 

For something that complements the depth of steak while also cutting through the richness, the Hunters Mojito is everything you need. 

With its touch of zestiness, this spritzy, classic cocktail uses a base of barrel-aged blend of Appleton Rum, Baron Samedi Spiced Rum, and Malibu Rum. All blended with a refreshing fusion of mint, sugar, and lime. 

Stag Fashioned 

What better cocktail to pair with red meat than one literally named Stag? 

Our Stag Fashioned is a hearty and bold cocktail made with barrel-aged whisky, bitters, and a ‘stag tincture’ – a fusion of PX Sherry, Amaro, and simple syrup. 

It’s our take on an Old Fashioned, but with an extra kick of flavour that adds something unique and unforgettable. 

Whisky apple 

Steak is a simple hunter’s meal, and the Whisky Apple cocktail is a simple hunter’s drink. 

This delightfully pared-back cocktail blends smooth barrel-aged whisky with fresh apple juice for a tipple that’s both layered and rich, and light and sweet. 

It picks up on the bold flavours in your steak while adding a refreshing taste to cleanse the palate in between bites. 

Next time you stop by for a juicy Butcher and the Farmer steak, consider trying your favourite cocktail as an accompaniment to your meal. While red wine will always be a winner, there’s something to be said for the versatility and diverse flavour profiles available through the cocktail menu. 

Explore the cocktail menu for yourself and make a booking for Tramsheds to experiment with your new favourite steak pairing.

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