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Breakfast Menu

Available on weekends and public holidays from 8 - 11.30am. When you start with a weekend breakfast in Sydney at Butcher and the Farmer, you know the day is going to be a good one.

Join us Saturday and Sunday from 8am to fuel up for the day on all your favourite classic breakfast dishes, created with a twist to add that special little something that will have you looking forward to your next dining experience before you even finish your first bite.

The breakfast menu at Butcher and the Farmer

You’ll recognise every dish on our breakfast menu, but you’ll also recognise the difference that comes with a passion for masterfully prepared meals from some of Sydney’s best chefs and seasonal, fresh ingredients.

A simple scrambled egg dish becomes scrambled eggs with warmed brioche and truffle pecorino, and a healthy granola bowl becomes a sensation for the tastebuds with fig and honey, sour cherries, coconut, kiwifruit, and macadamia.

Even the most classic Australian breakfast – vegemite on toast – is served with delectable sourdough.

You can also browse our optional extras menu to add your own tasty twist to our already tasty morning treat.

Butcher and the Farmer locations

Butcher and the Farmer offers three locations for breakfast in Sydney. Tramsheds Visit us for a Tramsheds breakfast Saturday and Sunday in our original location in Glebe, where you can dine in this beautiful refurbished tram station, then head to the Glebe markets nearby to while away the day. Green Square – arriving this October Take the train to Green Square in our brand new Alexandria location for a supremely satisfying breakfast (open every day of the week) made with fresh ingredients and exceptional skill. Meadowbank – opening 20th of July 2019 Indulge in a weekend breakfast in the inner west at our new Meadowbank location, where you can revel in our delicious dishes and the relaxing view over the Parramatta River.

Make a booking at our Tramsheds Butcher and the Farmer breakfast restaurant in Sydney to start your day the right way, no matter which side of the bed you woke up on.

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