Tramsheds Dinner Menu

Dinner and Weekend Menu

They say that some people simply eat to live, while others live to eat. Anyone who tries our dinner and weekend menu at Butcher and the Farmer Tramsheds belongs firmly in the second camp.

Whether you’re choosing meats from the farmer, the butcher, or the sea- you’re sure to leave satisfied. And if sharing is your thing, we have a range of delicious aperitivo options that are designed to be shared between you and your fellow visitors.

If you’re keen to share, look no further than our for the table menu and order several plates with your dining mates. This gives you the opportunity to taste everything that appeals to you – rather than just one.

Here’s what to expect from dinner in Sydney at Butcher and the Farmer.


  • Cold Smoked Salmon 19

    avocado cream, black olives, jalapeno, baby coriander, lime

  • Oysters 13

    with pepperberry mignonette (3)

Plates from the Garden

  • Charred Corn 14

    harissa, Parmesan, burnt lime

  • Blackened Broccolini 14

    sweet tahini, barley, almonds

  • Pumpkin Wedge 14

    quinoa and spinach salad with feta, currants, pepitas

  • Roasted Carrots 14

    tzatziki, radicchio, pistachio, honey

  • Fried Brussel Sprouts 14

    cauliflower puree, pomegranate

  • Crispy Polenta 14

    romesco, truffled pecorino

Plates from the Land and Sea

  • Rolled Pork Belly 27

    apple and fennel salad, dijon

  • Char-grilled Chicken Breast 27

    asparagus, thyme butter, tarragon mayo, fried onions

  • Duck Breast 27

    pumpkin hummus, pickled cauliflower with orange and star anise syrup, baby leeks, seeds

  • Crispy Skin Salmon 27

    white bean and coriander puree, balsamic beets, fried bread, dill

  • Wood Smoked Brisket 27

    pickled cucumber, jalapeno cream

  • Sausage and Hummus Plate 27

    feta, pomegranate, pepitas, watercress, corn tortillas

  • Lamb Shoulder Salad 27

    zucchini, peas, feta, mint, green goddess dressing

  • Barramundi M/P

    en papillote, fennel, olives, capers, white vermouth, herbs

The Butcher Shop

  • House-made Sausages 18

    onions, red peppers, pickled jalapeno cassoulet with grilled sourdough

  • Pulled Lamb Burger 19

    red cabbage and dill pickle slaw

  • American Wagyu Burger 19

    double red cheddar, pickles, iceberg, Kewpi mayonnaise, mustard ketchup

  • Add Bacon 4


  • Mushroom Sauce 3
  • Peppercorn Sauce 3
  • Chimichurri 3
Butcher & The Farmer Staff
Butcher & The Farmer Steak


Choose from one the below 'Basics' items to compliment your Steak

  • Grass Fed Rump Eye 27


  • Grain-fed Eye Fillet 39


  • Grain-fed Sirloin 37


  • Grass-fed Rib-Eye 39


  • Grain-fed Wagyu Striplion MS 6-7 65


  • Butcher's Select Cut

    Ask your waiter for today's premium sharing steak


  • Buttered Mash 9

    parsley, scallions

  • Garden Salad 9

    mesclun leaves, cucumber, pear, herb dressing

  • Fries 9

    truffled mayonnaise


  • Wagyu Beef Burger 14


  • Sausage and Mash 13
  • Fish and Chips 13
  • Chicken Tenderloins  12


  • Kids Meal 5

    add a house-made soda and scoop of vanilla ice-cream


  • Earl Grey and Chocolate 13

    vanilla bean mascarpone

  • Apple Rumble 13

    cinnamon poached apple, ginger and oat crumble with rum & raisin ice-cream and caramel

  • Ricotta Hotcake 16

    lemon curd, berries, passionfruit, pepitas, coconut gelato, maple

  • Donut Ice-Cream Sandwich 18


  • Artisan Cheese 9

    by the slice with crisp fruit bread, current paste and pickled pear

Butcher & The Farmer Corn

Classic ingredients, inspired tastes

Visit us for dinner or during the weekend and expect to find all your favourites, from chicken to salmon. Not to mention, we offer a wide variety of seasonal vegetable dishes- straight from the farm. However, not a single dish is your average meal, as the crispy skin salmon is packed with flavour, the chicken is cooked to perfection, and the vegetable plates are carefully prepared with additional flavours and textures.

We also offer a kids’ menu, and a selection of desserts that you certainly won’t want to share.

Find Butcher and the Farmer in Sydney

Butcher and the Farmer began in Sydney’s historic Tramsheds, but has recently grown to offer three great locations around the city. Tramsheds Located near the waterfront in Glebe, our original location is a stone’s throw from the city centre. Enjoy dinner at the Tramsheds before an evening stroll by the Jubilee Oval and the bay. Green Square – arriving this October A brand new location for Butcher and the Farmer, Green Square is a hub of business activity, and an excellent option for a post-work meal with colleagues. Meadowbank – opening 20th July 2019 Also recently opened, our Meadowbank location makes dinner in the inner west an easy choice.

Be sure to book ahead of time at our Tramsheds location to secure a table, and don’t forget to examine the menu before you arrive to help you make your important dinner decision.

Butcher & The Farmer

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Butcher & The Farmer

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Butcher & The Farmer
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